Erven Avenue Baptist Church

First of all

Welcome to Erven Avenue Baptist Church

Discover a warm and welcoming community at Erven Avenue Baptist Church. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ and strengthening our community through biblical teachings. Join us as we grow together in faith and fellowship.

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Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible is the wholly inspired word of God. As such all truth necessary for living a life that honors God is found in it. For more specific information on our beliefs please check out our "Beliefs" page.

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Our Mission

We want to build up our community by building up God's truth. This isn't always easy but in the end we believe it will bring about stronger people, families and nation. To find out about our available ministries please check out our "Mission" page.

wooden cross illustration
wooden cross illustration

Join Us this Sunday

Feel free to continue browsing our website, but our hope is that you'll actually come and visit us soon. Our Sunday worship starts at 10:45 AM and if you're feeling ambitious you could even join us for Sunday School at 9:30 AM. Check out to our "About Us" page to find our address and contact information.

And Finally

Teaching Truth
Strengthening Faith
Building Community